God wants to communicate with us and He is communicating, but are we listening? Are we tuned into God’s frequency of transmission or someone else’s? So many things go on in our daily lives that seek to intercept and compete with what the Spirit of God is saying and we need to learn how to decipher what is being said and from whom. Note: 1 Timothy 4:1. Do not miss what God is saying in the earth realm, especially to His people. Read your Bible, pray and fast, meditate on God’s Word, and be still and quiet and listen for God’s voice speaking. Reception is important. Make sure nothing in your life is interfering with yours. If it is sin, confess it so your connection will not be lost. If it is wrong associations, leave those circles of ungodly alliances so you can hear what the Spirit is saying to you. Again I say: God is speaking, but are you listening? Jesus said, “Whoever has ears, let them hear” (Matthew 11:15 NIV).

Because of Calvary,
Bishop-Elect Brookins

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